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Who we are?


Shenzhen AiXun intelligent Hardware Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in precision electronic soldering. It was established in 2018, located in Bantian, Shenzhen. 

AiXun is a five-year-old company that adheres to the brand principles of Technology, quality service, and innovation. To become China's preeminent provider of intelligent electronics by adhering to the business principle of "based on talent, found with sincerity" and by consolidating and developing its core businesses in areas like hardware, software, new materials, intelligent manufacture, and so on. It owns the ISO9001 certificate and Alibaba verified premium supplier, which ensures safer and better quality. In 2023, AiXun was approved to be the National High-Tech Enterprise in China, which indicates that it has gone further in scientific and technoligical innovation. 

Regarding material stability and electroplating expertise, our goods are equal to those of JBC,Weller,Hakko,Quick etc...


Our company business involves:


1. Intelligent Software and Hardware development

2. Material analysis

3. Mobile phone maintenance

4. Precision circuit board soldering and repair


Our products include:


1. Soldering station

2. Hot air gun

3. Automatic soldering equipment

4. Maintenance of power supply


Brand Story


Since its founding, AiXun has targeted the development of precision soldering technology. In 2019 and 2020, it completed the material selection, assembly, and electroplating processes for the soldering station's heating core. The self-R&D heating core of electric soldering pens C115, C210, and C245 has been praised for its fast temperature rise, resistance to high temperatures, and long-term stability of the plating layer.

AiXun is one of the companies witnessing the rapid expansion of intelligent electronics as it transitions from manufacturing standard soldering stations to producing advanced heating cores and other high-end products. Constantly exploring and innovating to deliver high-quality hardware and strengthen the intelligent electronics sector.


AiXun's Future


Innovation is the foundation of AiXun. Businesses can only achieve a competitive advantage in the market by innovating persistently. It possesses a young, unified, resilient scientific and technological team with core technology. It aspires to confront the industry's technical challenges, study the fundamental craft, overcome the technical barriers of international precision soldering to achieve localization, and establish AiXun as a national benchmark enterprise.

AiXun is adaptable and innovative in response to market demand. It is a leading enterprise due to its comprehensive innovation, quality management, and staff education system. It reflects the company's vision of creating value for customers, employees, and society to become "the pride of Chinese goods and the national standard."

We intend to consistently produce innovative, original, and high-quality products with the spirit of artisans. Our five years of entrepreneurial ventures have been filled with secession's challenges and rewards.

AiXun works with organizations and businesses. The technical R&D team makes high-quality products and focuses on making efficient, new, and stable, standard productions. AiXun is attempting to enhance the company's core competitiveness in the R&D and industrial application areas of precision soldering.

  • Room 402(403), Building 2, IOT Industrial Park, 4012 Wuhe Blvd,  Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
  • (+86)181 4584 4022
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