How to maintain and clean soldering iron tip
How to maintain and clean the tip: 1. Lower the temperature of the tip, 2. Wet the tip with a wet sponge, 3. Maintain the tip with ground brass coils, 4. Regular tinning can prevent the tip from oxidizing
How to buy the best soldering station?
Before deciding which soldering iron to buy, there are many things to consider besides the type, such as size, controls, voltage, ESD protection, wattage and even soldering iron tips. Because no matter how good the soldering station is, it is still difficult to work without a good soldering iron tip.
What is the difference between SMD and SMT?
SMT stands for Surface Mount Technology, the entire technique of mounting and soldering electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits onto a printed circuit board or PCB. The components used are also called surface mount devices (SMD. It should be noted that SMT does not need to reserve corresponding through holes for component pins, and SMD is much smaller than through hole insertion technology.
How to desoldering the SMD on the PCB?
It is generally not an easy task to remove the SMD. Skills can be mastered through constant practice. Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the SMD patch if it is forced to desolder.
Soldering iron tip FAQ
When the soldering work is over, clean the surface of the soldering iron head with a wet sponge, and then coat the surface of the soldering iron head with a thin layer of tin, which can effectively prevent the oxidation of the soldering iron head and facilitate the next use.
How to soldering SMD?
SMD soldering requires many steps. It is also very important whether these steps can be performed quickly and whether the soldering materials and pads are clean. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the cleaning of the soldering equipment and the pad before soldering.
How to Buy the Best Hot Air Desoldering Station
Things to pay attention to when buying the best hot air desoldering station: 1. Hot air desoldering station temperature control, 2. Hot air desoldering station nozzle, 3. Hot air desoldering station protection 4. Hot air desoldering station heating time 5. Hot air desoldering station airflow......
How to clean soldering iron tips
Wiping the tip of the soldering iron back and forth on a damp sponge will help remove oxide more easily and will wipe away any waste from the tip of the soldering iron. Dry cleaning implements (special brass wire) can also be used.
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