3 Reasons for PCB Pad Peeling off
Pad shedding, also call pad peeling off, refers to the phenomenon that the pad is separated from the PCB. This is a common adverse phenomenon in the PCBA processing , especially in the subsequent maintenance process. The pad refers to the conductive pattern that provides electrical connection on the PCB. As a necessary medium for the soldering and assembly of electronic components and PCB circuit boards, the importance of the pad is self-evident. Once the pad peels off, it will lead to PCBA products cannot be used normally.
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What is the proper temperature for soldering iron tip
With the high speed development of machining technology, the use of electric soldering irons is constantly rising to the new level. However, soldering has strict requirements for temperature control. If these requirements cannot be meet, it would easy to cause equipment damage.
4 Effective MethodsTo Check The Quality After PCB Board Soldering
With the increase of electronic equipment, there are more and more PCBA processing industries, and the quality of PCBA is also very important. The inspection after PCB soldering is very important for PCBA processing manufacturers and customers. In particular, many customers have strict requirements on electronic products
What is Video Microscope?
Digital microscope, also known as video microscope. It is a high-tech product successfully developed by perfectly combining sophisticated optical microscope technology, advanced photoelectric conversion technology, and liquid crystal screen technology. Therefore, we can change the research on the microscopic field from the traditional ordinary binocular observation to the reproduction on the display, thereby improving the work efficiency.
A must have tool for mobile phone repairs - regulated power supply
What is a regulated power supply? Literally, there is no doubt that its output voltage is very stable. For many maintenance work, especially in the electronics industry, where electricity and wiring are related, such as computers and household appliances (internal low-voltage parts or weak current parts), we often need to use a regulated power supply to test equipment. Generally, it as a battery that can adjust the voltage, but it does not need to be charged.
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9 Must Have Tools For Cell Phone Maintenance
Do you have had a similar experience? The mobile phone is accidentally broken, the screen does not light up, cannot be turned on, and other problems. It may be a newly bought one that has only been used for a few days, or it may be a mobile phone that has been with you for a few days and nights after a year or two. At times like this, cell phone repair may be essential
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