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Aixun New Product Launch- Non-removal Face ID Repair Stand
After fusing the face ID and activate it with this device, install the face ID repair FPC or face ID plug-in FPC to repair face ID without dismantling, no limit on FPC brands!
Welding VS Soldering: what’s the key differences
Welding and soldering are techniques for joining two or more pieces of metal. In some cases, also included other materials . They are also techniques for filling gaps in metal components. If you're planning a project that involves joining metal pieces together, how do you decide which technique to use?
Soldering iron replacement tips you should know
Depending on the application, you will need different sizes and styles of tips. Replacing your soldering iron tips is become easily after you explore We carry replacement soldering iron tips from a variety of size or shape soldering tip, universal match with JBC handles. Here you can select the best tips to fit your soldering iron and make the perfect joint!
What is SMD soldering station and how to choose
A soldering station is a hand tool commonly used in electronic soldering processes that melts two work-pieces by applying heat to the solder (usually tin wire). SMD soldering station is an electronic device used to complete surface mount soldering. The acronym SMD stands for Surface Mount Device and refers to electronic components mounted on the surface of printed circuit board (PCB).
Do soldering stations need to be calibrated
As an electrician, the tools of the electric soldering iron must be familiar to everyone-the electric soldering iron needs to complete the tinning process in the process of repairing electronic circuits and copper wire joints.
How to prevent soldering balls in SMT Manufacturing
In the previous , we talked about the reasons for the solder balls in SMT chip processing. Next, we continue to share how to prevent the generation of solder balls in SMT manufacturing. Given the causes of solder balls, you can apply various techniques and measures during the manufacturing process to prevent.
What causes solder balls during reflow
Solder balls are balls of metal alloy that form on the surface of a PCB after completing the soldering process. They constitute one of the biggest problems PCB Assembly manufacturers face.
How to prevent soldering iron tip from oxidizing
Oxidation of the soldering iron tip is the most troublesome, because this layer of oxidation on the soldering iron tip is difficult to remove. Many people use sharp tools or sandpaper to "scrape" the soldering iron tip. Although the effect is good for a while, it greatly damages the service life of the soldering iron tip.
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