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The difference between lead-free soldering station and leaded soldering station:
Lead-free soldering stations are used in a wide range of applications, from common electronic appliance repairs to electronic integrated circuits and chips. Lead-free soldering stations are used as soldering tools, but are most commonly used for soldering of PCB circuit boards in electronic production factories. It is especially suitable for soldering operations of lead-free precision electronics.
Three Factors Affecting Manual Welding Performance
One of the simplest assumptions about welding systems is that "higher power equals better performance". It makes sense. The higher the wattage, the more "power" is needed to generate the heat required for a successful solder joint, isn't that true?
The difference between solder paste, solder bar, and solder wire
Solder paste, tin wire and tin strip are all important materials required in soldering, and they all play an important role in their respective fields, and there is no substitute for them.
How to solder with solder paste?
Solder paste is a homogeneous mixture of fine spherical solder powder, flux and adhesive, the unique properties of solder paste make it ideal for jump rings, chain fabrication, hollow items, connecting clasps and earring posts, repair work, and more.
The necessary tools for manual disassembly of electronic products - the use of screwdrivers
A screwdriver is one of the most important hand tools in any tool kit. In many situations and occupations, screwdrivers are integral to performing specific tasks around loosening or tightening fasteners.
What is the role of BGA rework station in SMT and electronic components industry?
3.Using the BGA rework station is not easy to damage the BGA chip and the PCB board. Everyone knows that high temperature heating is required when repairing BGA. At this time, the control accuracy of temperature is very high. A slight error may lead to scrap of BGA chip and PCB board. The temperature control accuracy of the BGA rework station can be accurate to within ±2 degrees, which can ensure the integrity of the chip during the rework of the BGA chip, which is also one of the functions that the heat gun cannot compare.
Soldering Station VS Soldering Iron: Which Is Better
Advantages of Soldering Station and Soldering Iron: For the efficiency comparison, the efficiency of the constant temperature soldering station is relatively high, the thermal efficiency can reach about 80%, and the electric soldering iron can generally have 50%.
Why use flux when soldering?
When the flux is applied to the electrical leads being soldered, it removes oxidation and prevents air flow into the leads, thereby preventing further oxidation. Solder adheres more easily to non-oxidizing metals, so this way the solder flows evenly over the electrical leads. Since the solder is evenly distributed in the electrical leads, its conductivity will also be improved.
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