OCTF 2023 (Hong Kong) Intelligent Technology Exhibition Opened Grandly at HKCEC
GBA Innovation Development Summit & OCTF 2023 (Hong Kong) Intelligent Technology Exhibition opened grandly at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. AiXun was invited to participate in the exhibition. Looking forward to your visit!
PCB Soldering Tips: How to Solder Wires to a Board
Soldering wires to a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is a fundamental skill for electronics. In this guide, we'll take you through the step-by-step process, providing valuable tips and tricks to ensure a successful soldering job
How to Judge the Quality of Pcb Board Without Testing Tools?
While testing tools provide a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) quality, there are several visual and manual checks you can perform without specialized equipment. Here are some methods to judge the quality of a PCB board without testing tools:
AiXun December 2023 Exhibition Advance Notice
AiXun will attend the OCTF 2023 (Hong Kong) Intelligent Technology Exhibition, looking forward to your visit!
What is The Difference Between Soldering And Welding
Ever wondered about the difference between soldering and welding? Soldering and welding are both processes used to join metals, but they differ significantly in terms of temperature, technique, and the strength of the bond they create.
T410 Smart Soldering Station Releases Version 1.10
T410 Smart Soldering Station Version 1.10: 1. Fully new UI interface 2. Newly add curve interface 3. Optimize user experience 4. Added experimental features
AiXun T320 Soldering Station Releases Version 1.06
AiXun T320 soldering station version 1.06 update: 1. Add Russian language 2. Add experimental function interface 3. Add T210 power compensation 4. Add security protection
Warmly Welcome Wiltech to Visit AiXun
Welcome our friend Wiltech to visit Shenzhen AiXun intelligent Hardware Co., Ltd.
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