How to use the BAG Rework station
How to use the BAG Rework station: BGA rework station is also called SMD rework station. It is a mobile phone repairing device that blows hot air to disassemble and solder any electronic components or ICs on the motherboard
AiXun Intelligent Dual Channel Soldering Station T420D Has Been Fully Upgraded
T420D takes you to experience the feeling of flying! 1.Support T245/T210/T115, Easily handle complex soldering requirements. 2.New high efficiency welding system High speed heating, intelligent temperature control. 3.Global networking upgrade, patented innovative design...........
The difference between lead or lead-free solder wire
The melting point of lead tin wire is lower, which is more conducive to soldering; lead-free tin wire is more environmentally friendly; because everyone is responsible for protecting the environment, in order to protect the environment, lead-free soldering wire must be used.
5 Frequently Asked Questions about SMD soldering
SMD soldering is the most popular construction method in advanced PCB manufacturing, it refers to a technique of soldering electronic components to the surface of the circuit board......
Hot Air Soldering Station
The hot air soldering station is mainly composed of an energy supply system and a soldering gun. Its components: power switch, LED digital output, air flow level control valve, welding gun, heat gun bracket...
Shenzhen AiXun Intelligent Hardware Co., Ltd
The main products include: Soldering Station, Hot Air Gun, Automatic Soldering Equipment, Maintenance Power Supply....
Reasons why soldering iron isn’t hot enough
soldering iron tip is not hot enough: the heating element is broken, not plugged into the socket properly, not enough time to heat up, the reason for the solder, maybe because you used a cheap soldering iron, the soldering iron tip oxidized...
What tools are needed for mobile phone repair?
Tools needed for mobile phone maintenance: screwdriver, camera, soldering station, hot air gun, flux, plate washing water, tin suction tape, maintenance power supply, software maintenance instrument, large-screen industrial microscope, spectrum analyzer, universal meter....
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