How does a soldering gun works
the soldering gun stands out from the soldering iron is that the soldering gun uses a transformer, the current is directly heated to transfer heat to the metal, and it has an independent control button.
BGA rework station
When it is detected that a certain chip has a problem and must be repaired, a BGA rework station must be used. Chips are now widely used in almost every aspect of life, such as mobile phone circuit boards, north and south bridges on computer motherboards, and LCD TV motherboards. BGAs are characterized by small package size, enhanced functionality, increased pin count, high durability, strong electrical performance, and low cost.
Mobile phone soldering skills
If you are a beginner, you must be familiar with the disassembly and assembly of conventional components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, and triodes. When disassembling and assembling electronic components, you must master the temperature and soldering time to avoid damage to components caused by excessive temperature.
What do I need to concern before getting a soldering iron?
If you need to soldering frequently, it is recommended to buy a soldering station with good quality. Don’t go to the electronic market to buy them. There are many less known brands and fake products. Some even cut corners which may cause electricity leakage, and the safety can not be guaranteed......
How to soldering electronics?
Soldering is a process in which two or more metal parts are joined together by melting and then flowing filler metal into the joint - filler metal has a relatively low melting point.
How to prolong the service life of soldering tips
Factors affecting the life of the soldering iron tip: quality of solder used during soldering, soldering temperature, cleaning of the soldering iron tip, soldering experience....
Soldering and Desoldering Skills
With the continuous innovation of network technology, various electronic products have also exploded, and the maintenance and assembly of electronic products have also become a part of people's lives. Soldering and desoldering are both indispensable for the maintenance of electronic product circuits. First, before soldering, we must be familiar with circuit components and master the skills of soldering and desoldering.
Soldering Iron VS Soldering Gun: Which Is Better?
The main difference between them is that guns are better for heavy duty jobs, while irons are better for smaller jobs. However, both has advantages and disadvantages worth considering.
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