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Best soldering station for beginners and experts - AiXun T3A

Using a soldering station is essential for the many projects that require soldering. Whether you’re assembling a complex wiring project or repairing an electronic device, a soldering station is the perfect option for the job. Here are just some of the things you can accomplish with AiXun T3A  soldering station.


aixun t3a


Product Overview


AiXun T3A is the world's first 200w full intelligent soldering station. It's compatible with T12/T245 two handles, and can be applicated to various scenes.  


Whats the applicable scenario?


1. Multi-Purpose Kit: With a 200W soldering station, you can assemble a wide variety of electrical components by connecting them with wires and soldering them. You can even create your own tasks and projects from scratch.


2. Repair Electronics: If you own a broken electronic device, a 200W soldering station can make it like new again. By heating up components and connecting them, you can repair any electronic device.


3. Electrical Installations: Most larger residential and commercial installations require soldering. With a powerful station like the 200W soldering station, you can solder electrical components together securely.


4. Wiring Projects: If you’re building a project that requires wiring, then a 200W soldering station will provide enough heat to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You can use it to solder wires to switches, circuit boards, and other components.


How to make AiXun T3A outstanding


aixun t3a


The features and benefits of AiXun T3A


  • High precision of temperature control, temperature accuracy deviation less than 1%
  • Support low temperature soldering, protect electronic components effectively, safe and reliable
  • Rapid heating up in 1 second, melt tin in 2 seconds,  improve working efficiency
  • Applicable for various situations, both useful in big stuff and precise tiny components soldering
  • Different working status, Eco friendly and save energy




AiXun T3a is the best soldering station for beginner and professional soldering applications. It is extremely easy to use and comes with everything you need for efficient soldering. Adopts an adjustable temperature control system, which helps you maintain a consistent temperature throughout your project. The temperature range is between 200ºF and 500ºF, depending on the task. is a must-have tool for anyone who works with electronics or wants to build or repair projects from scratch.


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