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Congrats on JetStream's exceptional Performance at the SAE Aero Design Competition!

We are delighted to congratulate JetStream on their outstanding achievement at the SAE Aero Design competition!


JetStream team representing Wrocław University of Science and Technology at international competitions, recently competed in the SAE Aero Design Competition and achieved an impressive result.


The SAE Aero Design competition is an annual event organized by SAE International that challenges teams of students from universities and colleges from around the world to design, build and fly a radio-controlled (RC) aircraft that best meets their chosen mission profile. It's a great opportunity for students to learn about design, engineering, aerodynamics, flight control systems and teamwork.



JetStream’s hard work paid off. We are thrilled to have been able to support JetStream in their endeavor, as AiXun was a proud sponsor of the team.


At AiXun, we believe in the power of innovation and the importance of embracing new technologies. We recognize the importance of supporting students in their pursuit of knowledge and are proud to have been able to contribute to JetStream’s success.


We want to congratulate JetStream on their accomplishment and we are confident that their success will be an inspiration to others and will encourage more students to pursue their dreams.


We are looking forward to seeing more achievements from JetStream in the future and will continue to support them in their endeavors. Congratulations JetStream!

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