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Discover the Advantages of the AiXun T380 Portable Soldering Station

Portable intelligent welding table T380


10 leading design and functions, to create your first high-end intelligent welding table!


1. All aluminum alloy body, small volume , the symbol of strength and technology!


2. The first 5G dual-mode WiFi supports OTA upgrade, the more it is used, the more intelligent it


3. Support Bluetooth AI voice control, 6 words can voice control any function, support a variety of languages.


4. Built-in 2600MAH battery,  it can be continuous welding in 400 degrees for 40 minutes as it is fully charged.


5. Integrated OLED screen, buzzer prompt, three-button minimalist design, and it can support blind operation.


6. Glass display panel, aluminum alloy body and metal vent design, the surface is not afraid of high temperature contact, not afraid of washing board water corrosion.


7. the sponge silicone tank adopts the three-sided snap design, which can achieve no dead Angle operation when cleaning the welding pen refill.


8. Support 210 and 115 two handle operation, automatic recognition, plug and play, will unlock the Aixun self-developed 225 handle.


9. Original all-metal contact sleep head design, sleep signal without wire connection, really solve the problem of sleep instability.


10. The original neural network

temperature control algorithm, arise the temperature but does not exceed the temperature, the instantaneous cooling of large area welding does not exceed 20 degrees, far higher than the international standard.


aixun t380 soldering station


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