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H312 Surpassed by H314 After Only Two Months on the Market? How Should Users Choose?

As the industry's first smart, networked, high-power hot air gun, AiXun H312 became popular all over the world as soon as it was launched. With its peak power of 1400W, precise temperature and air speed control, and powerful software functions, it has led the new trend of replacing heat guns. Users have given unanimous praise to the H312, and many studios have not hesitated to upgrade their heat guns to the H312, considering it one of the smartest and most practical hot air guns on the market.


H312 hot air gun


However, the glorious moment of H312 may be broken, because H314 debuts, AiXun realizes the self-revolution again. Users do not need to be too entangled, because there is no such thing as the best product in the world, only the one that suits you best. So how to choose between H312 and H314?


First of all, from a power perspective, the H312 heating core has a rated power of 1200W and a peak power of 1400W, which is enough to cope with the regular chip desoldering work. While H314 is more powerful, reaching a rated power of 1400W. At the same time, H314 is the first to adopt AiXun self-designed “closed-loop spring lock”, which solves the problem of stagnation that may occur when the air nozzle is inserted or removed at high temperatures.. Of course, H312 will also adopt this design.


3d air nozzle


In addition, H314 has a brand new design in appearance, adopting a full metal shell, becoming the industry's face value bearer, which can be called a classic work of industrial design. What's more surprising is that H314 integrates a fingerprint module for the first time, bringing more transcendent experience to users. Switching to different users through fingerprint, accessing exclusive data, such as shortcut memory channels, curve data and segmented data, as well as customized settings, is like experiencing the convenient operation of a smartphone. AiXun redefined the hot air gun with the mindset of consumer electronics!


H314 hot air gun


However, it should be noted that both H312 and H314 utilize AiXun self-developed control system, and there is no difference in software. Both can be upgraded by OTA via WiFi connection, making them smarter and more practical the more they are used. Although H312 is excellent enough and more affordable in comparison, if the price difference can be ignored, H314 is undoubtedly the best choice at the moment!

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