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Hot Air Soldering Station

1. What is a hot air soldering station:

A hot air soldering station is a very useful tool and a must have for DIY electronic soldering enthusiasts. When repairing the circuit board, a little improper operation will cause damage to the circuit board. Therefore, a hot air soldering station will be a necessary tool on your way to successful soldering. 

Hot Air Soldering Station

2. The composition of the hot air soldering station:

The hot air soldering station is mainly composed of an energy supply system and a soldering gun. The following is an introduction to the composition of the hot air soldering station:


H316D is a standard power supply, it is a button to control the hot air soldering station on and off, turn the switch to "ON" to turn on the hot air rework station, and turn the switch to "OFF" to turn off the hot air rework station. Very simple and straightforward.

b.LED digital output

LED digital output lists your temperature range and airflow. The display changes as you turn the air or temperature knob.

c.Air flow control valve

The airflow grade range is generally: A25 ~ A99. You can adjust the air flow by turning the air setting knob. The LED output will show the set airflow level and the current air temperature to the nozzle.

d.Temperature range

The output temperature range is 100°~ 480°C. You can adjust the operating temperature by turning the temperature setting knob. The LED output will show the set temperature for 3 seconds and then return to the actual air temperature of the nozzle. When the desired temperature is reached, the light in the temperature box will flash.


e.Soldering gun

The H316D soldering gun is equipped with 2 replaceable hot air nozzles. Smaller nozzles are good for concentrating hot air on smaller components. If you're trying to focus the hot air around a large area on the board, a larger nozzle is better for your job.


f.Hot air gun holder

It is equipped with a bracket for the hot air gun. It can be installed on either side of a hot air rework station. It is very convenient and safe to place the air gun during your indirect work and after soldering. 


3.How to use the hot air soldering station?

Hot Air Soldering Station

1) Choose the appropriate nozzle for the soldering job. Attach the nozzle to the wand and use a screwdriver to tighten the screws to hold it in place.


2) Connect to the power supply and turn on the power switch of the hot air soldering station. The heating element will activate and the air will get hot very quickly, so aim the nozzle accordingly.


3) Adjust the temperature and wind, the wind is about 3 gears, and the temperature is about 4 gears.


4) Use an air gun to move the nozzle back and forth 3cm above the chip until the solder starts to flow. When the tin point under the chip melts, use tweezers to pick up the entire chip.


5) After the soldering is completed, turn off the power switch of the hot air soldering station, because the air gun will continue to spray outward at this time, you have to unplug the power of the hot air soldering station after the spraying finished.


When using a hot air soldering station, be sure to blow around the chip when heating, lift the middle of the chip, and blow the chip up; do not heat for too long, otherwise the circuit board will be bubbled.

4.When using the hot air soldering station, pay attention to these matters:


1). Before turning on the soldering station, be sure to check whether the bottom line is connected to prevent static electricity from being generated during the soldering process.


2). The temperature of the air outlet of the hot air desoldering station and its surroundings may be extremely high, so be careful not to burn yourself.

  3). Metal objects must not be placed in the mesh at the front end of the soldering iron, because most metals have relatively strong heat transfer properties, and placing metals may cause the heating element to heat up, damage the device, and cause electric shock to the human body.


4). Install the automatic overheat protection switch inside the hot air soldering station. When the soldering tip is too hot, the overheat protection switch will automatically turn off the power. It can effectively prevent the safety problems of tools during soldering.


5). After use, pay attention to cooling the station. After the power is turned off, the heating tube will automatically spray cold air. During this cooling stage, do not unplug the power plug.


  6). Please put the handle on the bracket when not in use to prevent other problems after touching

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