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How to Buy the Best Hot Air Desoldering Station

1.Precautions for buying the best hot air desoldering station

Whether you're a rework novice or a pro, owning the best hot air desoldering station will give you the best results. Because the current market is relatively chaotic and there are too many counterfeit brands, you must consider carefully when purchasing. Here are the things you must pay attention to when purchasing a hot air desoldering station:

a. Hot air desoldering station temperature control

Many hot air desoldering stations on the market are now equipped with temperature control devices, which facilitate temperature adjustment during soldering. Therefore, it is very important to find a hot air desoldering station equipped with a temperature control device.

Most hot air desoldering stations have a minimum temperature of 100ºC, and its maximum temperature is around 450 degrees. A temperature of 350ºC is already enough for most repair projects.

b. Hot air desoldering station nozzle

The choice of nozzle is also very important for soldering work. Before using the hot air desoldering station, please connect the nozzle to the soldering iron and tighten it, and then fix it perfectly with the help of a screwdriver.

What kind of nozzle should you choose when desoldering?

Smaller nozzles can better concentrate the air on the chip more accurately, and larger nozzles are beneficial to large-area components on the circuit board, such as huge heat sinks. This will choose the hot air desoldering station according to your work project. A perfect hot air desoldering station will be equipped with multiple nozzles, which will help you to use it in any situation.


c. Hot air desoldering station protection

The overheating protection installed inside is very important, it’s a safety guarantee for reworkers. Before purchasing a hot air desoldering station, be sure to carefully check whether the device is installed on the product packaging. Must carefully consider if there was no such device.

Some hot air desoldering stations also have safety functions such as overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, and short circuit protection. If the product also has these functions, then it is more perfect for us.

d. Heating time of hot air desoldering station

Before buying, you need to know how long the nozzle of the hot air desoldering station is heated. If you have requirements for soldering time, you need to find a hot air desoldering station with a relatively fast heating time. The speed of heating time will determine your work efficiency. A wise decision is to look for a tool with a quick heating tip. The fast heat-up time ensures that you don't waste too much time heating up. Additionally, it is recommended to look for a hot air rework station with faster heat recovery capabilities.

e. Hot air desoldering station airflow

The airflow of the hot air desoldering station determines the driving air. If the airflow of the hot air desoldering station you choose cannot act on the chip or the pcb circuit board, then it is useless for you. Because a good hot air desoldering station is able to fully apply the air flow to the device you want to solder. Most of the hot air desoldering stations that combine hot air and soldering on one soldering station work very poorly. Although this design saves space, it cannot achieve the desired airflow when desoldering.

The airflow of the hot air desoldering station is 20L/min, which is also the specification we need. In addition to this requirement, we also need to consider whether the airflow speed of the hot air desoldering station can be adjusted according to our needs. The airflow is adjusted to ensure that loose components on the circuit board are not blown away during soldering. 

The cheap hot air desoldering station does not have the function of air flow adjustment. When you want to adjust its temperature and air volume, you need to guess its temperature, which is extremely inconvenient for us. At the time of purchase, you should check whether the hot air desoldering station has the function of airflow adjustment.


2.Hot air desoldering station FAQ:


a.What is a hot air desoldering station

Hot Air Rework Stations are great for small jobs you need to get done quickly. A hot air gun melts the solder and allows you to remove components, it’s suitable for removing parts from old circuit boards.


b.How to use the hot air desoldering station?

a)You need to choose the nozzle that suits your job and screw it to the soldering iron.


b) Connect to the power supply and turn on the power switch of the hot air soldering station. The heating element will activate and the air will get very very quickly, so aim the nozzle accordingly.


c) Adjust the temperature and wind, the wind is about 3 gears, and the temperature is about 4 gears.


d) Use an air gun to move the nozzle back and forth 3cm above the chip until the solder starts to flow. After the tin point under the chip melts, use tweezers to pick up the entire chip.


e) After the soldering, turn off the power switch of the hot air soldering station, because the air gun will continue to spray outward at this time, you should unplug the power of the hot air soldering station after spraying.


c.What temperature do you need for desoldering?

Temperatures up to 260 °C (500 °F) and times up to 10 seconds are acceptable for most applications. The entire board can be preheated to a temperature that all components can withstand indefinitely. Locally heating the components for removal, which requires less heating than cold heating.


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