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Why Is a Soldering Station Better Than a Soldering Iron?

In the hand soldering process, we have two primary tools at our disposal: the soldering iron and the soldering station. However, in more advanced scenarios, especially when working with high-end PCBA boards for soldering and repair, you'll notice that soldering stations are far more prevalent than soldering irons. A soldering station is a commonly used hand tool in electronic soldering processes. It facilitates the joining of two workpieces by applying heat to solder (typically tin wire) to melt it.


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The soldering iron also plays a crucial role in electronic production and electrical appliance repair. Its primary use is for soldering components and wires. Upon closer examination, we can see that soldering stations and electric soldering irons share similar functions and purposes. So, why do people generally perceive soldering stations as being more user-friendly than electric soldering irons?


Soldering stations on desktop working


Frequently used for soldering on a fixed desktop, soldering stations offer clear advantages, primarily evident in the following aspects:


1. The soldering station comes equipped with a power switch. When you need to use it, simply turn it on; when not in use, turn it off. It's as straightforward as operating a television or turning lights on and off.


2. The soldering station features a range control, allowing for the automatic and rapid adjustment of the soldering temperature based on the required settings.


3. It includes indicator lights. If you happen to forget to turn off the soldering station, even from a few meters away, you can easily determine whether it's still operational with just a glance.


4. The soldering station offers both constant temperature and temperature adjustment functions, prolonging the life of the soldering iron tip.


5. It exhibits a quick temperature recovery time. When working on tasks like desoldering electrolytic capacitors on computer motherboards, the soldering station can function as either a 30W or a 60W soldering iron, providing versatility for different applications.


Advantage of using a soldering station


And ordinary soldering irons, the advantages are portability. The downside is that they require higher soldering skills from the operator. In my opinion, if you can use a regular soldering iron, using a soldering station will be quite easy. If you're used to soldering stations, it doesn't necessarily mean you can use a regular soldering iron. Next, we will discuss the benefits of a soldering station from six aspects.



Soldering stations have relatively high efficiency, with a heat efficiency of around 80%, while electric soldering irons generally reach 50% at best.


Energy Consumption:

Soldering stations have lower energy consumption because once they reach the set temperature, they stop heating, resulting in lower energy usage. In other words, for the same soldering effect, soldering stations use less electricity.


Reheating Speed:

Soldering stations heat up quickly, resulting in higher work efficiency for the worker.


Consumable Lifespan:

Soldering station temperatures are controlled, preventing them from continuously rising, which increases the lifespan of soldering iron tips and heating elements.



The handle voltage of soldering stations is only 24 volts AC, which is considered a safe voltage and generally doesn't pose an electric shock risk.


ESD Protection:

Soldering stations have electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection that regular electric soldering irons lack.


With this comparison, I believe everyone should now understand why soldering stations are preferred by maintenance or electronics engineers over electric soldering irons. Of course, for simple soldering tasks, you can use an electric soldering iron. If cost is a concern and you need to reduce expenses, you can also forgo using a soldering station.


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