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7 Inch HD Large Screen Digital Industrial Microscope for BGA Rework Soldering

Market Price: US $ 142/PC

• Built in 7 inch large HD screen, more clear display, provides you with better visual experience

• Enable to measure datas by connecting to PC, including calibration, delete, save and measurement of dot, line, polygon, circle and angles. 

• Support infrared remote control, avoid screen shaking due to pressing buttons

• Touch fill light design, adjust lightness by clicking the touch area of fill light

• Support camera hight adjustment, meet different requirements

• Support supplying power by USB cabel or with 18650 battery

• The holder can be turned over in different angles




Name AX-Video Microscope-7.0
Brand AiXun
Screen resolution 1024x600
Video resolution 1080P30  720P60
Picture resolution 2688x1512, 5440*3056
HDMI resolution 720P60
USB resolution 1080P20/ 720P30/ WVGAP60
WIFI output 720x360@30fps, support Android/ iOS (optional)
Magnification 5X~528X (optics 5X~33X, digital 1X~16X) 
G.W. 1450G



AiXun digital industrial video microscope is a comprehensive tool that can be applied to various fields, including PCB, BGA, CPU and other precise electronic components soldering, surface detection, exquisite sculpture, identification of antique and so on. It supports data measurement by connecting to PC with USB cables, including calibration, data delete and save, measurement of dots, lines, polygons and angles. It’s designed with infrared remote control function, which can help prevent screen shaking when pressing buttons on the device. It also supports lightness adjustment by clicking or sliding the touch area of fill light. The height of camera can be adjusted due to different working needs. There are two methods to supply power: USB cable charge and 18650 battery charge. The holder of the microscope supports turn over in different angles, casually change the observation angles according to working requirements. 


List of Packing: 

1 x AX-Video Microscope-7.0

1 x USB data transmission cable

1 x Power supply cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Dust cover

1 x Power adaptor

1 x Infrared remote controller

1 x Screen wipping cloth


Packing Details: 

1set/box, 6boxes/carton

Box dimension: 270*290*90mm

Carton dimension: 550*300*285mm

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