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AX-HX5331R Industrial Automatic Dual Channel Soldering Machine Kit  1
AX-HX5331R Industrial Automatic Dual Channel Soldering Machine Kit

• Multiple soldering methods, support tack soldering and drag soldering

• Support single and dual platform feeding, fixture is fixed by positioning pins, easy to disassemble

• Industrial automatic tin wire breaking machine, accurate tin feeding

• Standard PLC equipment, concise interface, convenient parameters setting and easy operation

• Support dot-to-dot and block-to-block data copying, improve efficiency

• Built-in soldering tip cleaning function, support brush cleaning (suitable for occasions without air source) and air-sweeping cleaning

• Stable operation and slighter shake. Made of steel plate and thicken aluminium plate



AiXun HX5331R dual channel soldering machine is an automatic industrial soldering equipment with flexible soldering methods such as tack and drag soldering. It features single and dual platform feeding, convenient parameters setting, dot-to-dot and block-to-block data copying, multiple soldering tip clearing methods such as brush cleaning and air-sweeping cleaning, slighter shack benefit by high quality and stable material.  


 List of Packing:

  • 1x AX-HX5331R dual channel soldering machine


Packing Details: 


Carton dimension: 

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