By BCD Technology: AiXUN #T3A 200 Watt #C245, #T12 and #936 #Soldering_Station: Full Review

By Рома Кузнецов: Aixun T3B Обзор паяльной станции

By Mads Tech: Aixun T420D Dual Solder Station Review

By Tony Albus: Aixun T420D Intelligent Dual Solder Station - Hands On

By Edgar/Yo Reparo: Este cautín me ha SORPRENDIDO MUCHO

2022 JBC Style Soldering Station: AiXun T3B is The Best (Reviewed by SDG Electronics)

AiXun Self-R&D C210 Soldering Tips Compatible With JBC Soldering Stations Standard

Soldering Station Aixun T3A Handpiece Cradle Support T12 936 and JBC C245 handle Review by SDG

C210 Soldering Tip Water Immerse Compared AiXun with JBC By Soldering station HDE-2B (How is AiXun?)

Modelo JBC Estação de Soldadura AiXun T3B ao Melhor Estação de Solda Reviewed by NETpontoCOM

UNBOXING AIXUN T3B | Smart Soldering Station C210/C115

C210 Soldering Iron Tips Glows in Red on Heating to 1000 °F (The Best JBC Tips Replacement )
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